Artifact Design Rubric - Website

  • Categorize visual communication effects in affective, cognitive and psychomotor responses,
  • assess the influence of typestyles on messages,
  • identify primary forms of contrast in composition and layout design and execute applications in your own original media design,
  • identify and execute compositional forces of framing, vectors, motion, in visual design,
  • explain and apply to your own original media design Gestalt principles,
  • create and produce effectively designed media in your choice of domains including packaging, collateral, exhibit, converged media, identity, print, motion and still imaging,
  • critique and evaluate visual communication design in all domains.

Point Value: 200

Activity Description
Choose from one of the visual communication design domains (packaging, collateral, exhibit, converged media, identity, motion picture, or print) and create an artifact using the concepts and principles discussed in class and labs. The artifact should reflect a specific communication objective. Present the campaign to the class using technical integration.


1. The designer created a website using either a template or designing using HTML. 
100 Points

Beginner (0-60) Developing (61-80) Accomplished (81-100)

2. The website incorporates a brand identity and an appropriate typestyle and compositional principles consistent with the overall campaign.
40 Points

Beginner (0-20) Developing (21-30) Accomplished (31-40)

3. The website is a product of design principles appropriate to the communication objectives of the campaign specifically targeting Internet audiences. 40 Points

Beginner (0-20) Developing (21-30) Accomplished (31-40)

4. The website consists of at least landing page with a secondary menu that is linked to a Facebook page.
20 Points

Below Expectation (0-10) Satisfactory (11-15) Exemplary (16-20)

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