Mis-en-Scene Assignment for Summer Semester

Mis-en-Scene is a French expression used in the study of film that refers to everything that appears within the frame of the camera to tell the story. This includes all art, like scene design and construction, makeup and wardrobe, illumination, even action within the scene.

For this assignment, select a scene from a film such as this one from Whiplash.

Decide which production design role you wish to analyze within this scene for this assignment - director, director of photography, art director, production designer, makeup/wardrobe. Break the scene down in terms of production design, identifying the artists involved in the credits for your selected film. Looking this up on IMDB.com will be very helpful for you.

Define the stewardship of the role you selected, their job description for your selected film and sequence, and identify which, if any, previous roles contributed to the execution of the scene and how they reached visual communication objectives in terms of design principles. 

Post your analysis on your blog with either a frame from the scene or an embedded clip, along with the production's credits for production design, art direction and principle photography. 

Conclude with your individual analysis of how these elements effectively came together.
Have your Mis-en-Scene posted to your blog by midnight, Monday, July 13th.