Visceral Response Rubric

categorize visual communication effects in affective, cognitive and psychomotor responses,
identify primary forms of contrast in composition and layout design and execute applications in your own original media design.

Point Value: 100

Activity Description
Describe in design terms why a particular piece of art, a design, a sculpture, an expression creates that feeling of beauty inside you.

1. You've selected an artifact that creates within you what Richard Seymour describes as stupefying.

Below Expectation (0-30) Satisfactory (31-40) Exemplary (41-50)

2. You've been able to identify in a sense how certain design influences such as line, form, color, space and texture contribute to its ability to create an affective consequence (a feeling).

Below Expectation (0-30) Satisfactory (31-40) Exemplary (41-50)

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