Spring 2017 Schedule

Week of January 10
Orientation/Creating Your Blog
The Transactional Model in Visual Communication Design
Vocabulary of Design; lineformcolorspacetexture

Week of January 17
Harmony and Distribution
Activity: Contrast
Your Visceral Response Blog Post Due January 19

Week of January 24
Activity: Gestalt 
Contrast, Harmony and Balance Blog Post Due January 26

Week of January 30
The Domains

Week of February 7
Design Evaluation Presentations
Design Evaluation Presentation Due February 7

Week of February 14

Week of February 21
Film's Segue to the Screens
BMW Films
Convergence of Motion and the Web
Get the Glass
Assessment One Due February 28

Week of February 28
Activity: Rules and Context

Week of March 7
Design at 24 fps - Preproduction

Week of March 14
Spring Break

Week of March 21
Tuesday - Collaborative Design Orientation
Collaborative Design Rubric
Thursday - Meet in Teams, determine project
Compose Your Frame Posts Due March 23

Week of March 28
Tuesday - Design Team Meetings at Holland Building, Research Market
Thursday - Meet in class, teams pitch projects

Week of April 4
Tuesday - Design Team Meetings at Holland Building, Determine Style Guide
Thursday - Meet in class, pitch Style Guides

Week of April 11
Design Team Meetings at Holland Building, Assign and Develop Artifacts

Week of April 18
Design Team Meetings at Holland Building, Develop Campaign

Week of April 25
Post Collaborative Design Campaigns

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