On the Collaborative Design Rubric item humber one indicates;

The design group defines their audience through a marketing analysis with personas, characterizations of the market to which the product will appeal. 

I've written personas that represent an audience for a kayak adventure company located at Lake Powell. I treat these as a sample backstory for the types of customer my campaign will market to:

Jared is 42, a small business owner in Southern California who enjoys outdoor activities including kayaking. He's divorced has a couple of kids with whom he has typical visitation and is always looking for unique getaways to develop indelible experiences in the limited time they have together. He uses social media mainly to establish dating ties and hook up with buddies for ball games and fishing trips. 

Carol is 29, has completed her grad work and works for a PR firm in Phoenix. She's single, maintains a close relationship a few other women, mostly on a professional level, and is always looking for a unique getaway. She's a mountain-biker, snowboarder, and water skier. She's fit and works hard to be in good condition. Her social ties share common values in fitness and outdoor activity and she maintains most of these relationships through Facebook.

Greg is 57, married with three kids and two grandkids. He's on the backside of a career in sales and prides himself on the vacation opportunities he creates for his family, especially his grandkids. He's a bit out of shape, his spouse likewise, though they're active fishers and campers. They've endured the crazy years of parenting and now find themselves empty-nesters. They stay connected with their kids through Facebook and chat regularly with their grandkids.

So, for your project and to fulfill item number one on the rubric, I'll be looking for this type of market analysis from you.