The Pitch

In visiting with some groups on Wednesday and Friday, I'm seeing the tendency to go beyond the design condierations of the project. I appreciate the seriousness with which some of you are approaching the this, just keep in mind that this is about communicative design. Previous groups got caught up in developing their product instead of the design aspect of the campaign.

Create a pallette of choices for the domain you decided to design, including color, font, and contrast. Allow all ideas in collaboration, ensuring that each is consistent with your communication objectives.

For the pich itself, I'll be looking for each team on the 2M level of the Holland Building on Monday at classtime. The criteria I'll be using to assess your progress follows:
  • Identified communication objectives for your client.
  • Identified and justified artifact domains for the campaign  
  • A design anaylisis (pallette) consistent with your objectives, including color and font choices.
Remember, I'm not looking for finished products or artifacts.

See you Monday.