Axioms of Web Design

Browse the Internet and pick a favorite website for analysis using the rubric of Rutledge's axioms below. Post your analysis to your blog.
  1. The most relevant bit of understanding we must possess in order to design an effective website solution for our client is their business objective(s).
  2. The most natural and effective direction for leading a viewer’s eye through a web page design or a landscape painting is along an angle, what we call continuity.
  3. For first-time visitors who have never seen the layout or used the interface of a website, the most important non-brand related issue the designer must take into account for an effective design is a high degree of affordance or intuitiveness.
  4. Since most web surfing is done on devices other than standard aspect ratio displays, the page converts to third and fourth screen devices.

Font Combinations

As we talked about in class today, I'd like you to post on your class blog a sample of font combinations along with an analysis of why you believe they're complimentary. Now, like most things VisComm, you could go and Google it, but I'd like you to reference something more authentic to you than what you've stumbled upon from a search engine.

I'd like to use this for discussion in our next class on Thursday, so please have your posts completed by then.

Baskerville & Proxima Nova

Citizen Slab & Railway

Cutoff & Trade Gothic

FSScala Caps & Relay Black

Arial & Georgia